Stefano Corbo has joined the “Architecture 101 Conference – Questioning the Fundamentals” at Newcastle University with a paper titled The Cloud is Material. Data Infrastructure in Post-Human Environments.

The Letter Rack is published as visual essay in CLOT Magazine.

On Site Review no. 43 is out. It features, among others, Stefano Corbo’s piece: Beyond Throwaway Architecture.

The Letter Rack, Stefano Corbo’s recent speculative project, is published on METALOCUS.

Stefano Corbo’s new book – EXTERIORLESS. Form, Space, and Urbanities of Neoliberalism (Routledge) – is finally out.

Stefano Corbo participated in Privacy Matters. How Interiors make and break our Cities, a conference organized by the Centre for Privacy Studies at the University of Copenhagen in collaboration with the Royal Danish Academy (KADK).

The Contested Territory of Architectural Theory, a book edited by Elie Haddad and published by Routledge, is finally out. It contains 17 different perspectives on the current challenges of architectural theory, including Stefano Corbo’s essay The Form of Utopia.

As of September 1, 2022, Stefano Corbo joins the chair of Public Building at TU Delft – Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

The Scars of the City, Stefano Corbo’s article on Beirut, is published in Le Visiteur no.27.

The Routledge Handbook of Infrastructure Design, edited by Joseph Heathcott, is finally out. It features a diverse range of contributions from more than thirty scholars, including Stefano Corbo’s essay Notes from the Underworld.

Kuala Lumpur-based magazine Musotrees has published A Day in The Life, Stefano Corbo’s photography project on New England towns during the 2020 lockdown.

Stefano Corbo was part of the Ph.D Committee at UPM ETSAM for the presentation of Alberto Álvarez Agea’s doctoral defense, titled La forma como cronotopo. Aprendizajes del parque-cementerio de Igualada.

Stefano Corbo participated in Aggregations. Architecture and Subjectivity in the Age of Hyperobjects, a research colloquium organized by the research cluster Meaning and Measure at the Institute of Architecture and Culture, KADK.

Stefano Corbo delivered a lecture on contemporary design strategies at the Nanjing University of the Arts.

Stefano Corbo’s article Faraway, so Close is featured in “Interventions and Adaptive Reuse. A Decade of Responsible Practice”, a book edited by Liliane Wong and Markus Berger, containing selected articles from the IntAR Journal of the last ten years.

Stefano Corbo joins the Institute of Architecture and Culture at KADK – Royal Danish Academy – as a visiting researcher.

DAMNº 79 features an excerpt from Stefano Corbo’s recent book Notes from the Underworld.

Stefano Corbo’s current research project – EXTERIORLESS – is on the cover of ioArch.

2021.05.21Stefano Corbo takes part in Human Habitat – Paesaggi dell’Antropocene –, a photography exhibition running until July 18 at Renzo Piano’s MUSE (Science Museum) in Trento, Italy.

2021.04.20Editions QNDMC published GRAM-03 – an architecture magazine sharing conversations and encounters with young architectural practices. GRAM-03 features the work of Stefano Corbo, Ultramoderne, Sauter von Moos, a practice., Plan Comun, and Arrhov Frick.

2021.03.25Stefano Corbo presented his recent work at the ACSA 109th Annual Meeting – Expanding the View: Prospect(s) for Architectural Education Futures.

2021.03.12Stefano Corbo participated in the midterm review of Material Utopias – second semester core Studio at Yale School of Architecture.

Stefano Corbo joined the Thesis Lobby Week at Virginia Tech, School of Architecture and Design.

2021.03.01Stefano Corbo contributed to Drawing Matter Extracts 1, a 3-volume anthology that combines drawings from the Drawing Matter Collection and elsewhere with newly commissioned texts, and others previously published on or found in the architectural library at Shatwell Farm.

2021.02.08Stefano Corbo delivered a lecture on Types, Typologies and Hyperobjects at TU Berlin - FG Architekturtheorie / Institut für Architektur, at the invitation of Professor Jörg Gleiter.

2021.02.05Stefano Corbo’s recent work is featured in Arq@challenge, a Portuguese platform on architecture and art.

Divisare published Q-Village, a project by Stefano Corbo and Marta Romero.

Stefano Corbo's Manifesto per un'interiorità urbana is published in ioArch magazine.

2020.12.01German Magazine AIT published The Assemblage of Six Cities, a project ideated by Stefano Corbo and Qianyu Liu.

2020.11.27Stefano Corbo participates in 2020 BUGAIK International Architecture Exhibition, a collective show taking place in Busan, South Korea, from November 27th to December 2nd.

Stefano Corbo joins Architects for Beirut, by putting one of his drawings up for auction. 100% of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to Beirut Urban Lab, leading on-the grounds efforts to restore buildings and public spaces in Beirut following the devastating blast in August.

2020.09.20Italian Magazine IQD published The Assemblage of Six Cities, a project ideated by Stefano Corbo and Qianyu Liu.

Stefano Corbo’s recent drawings are featured in OSSO Magazine.

Drawing Matter publishes Stefano Corbo’s reinterpretation of the San Cataldo Cemetery.

Excerpts of Notes from the Underworld have been published in CLOT Magazine.

French Magazine L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui includes Notes from the Underworld in the list of recommended books of 2019.

Notes from the Underworld, the new book written by Stefano Corbo, is now out.

Stefano Corbo’s proposal for the new Armenian Center of Contemporary Arts is part of Reviving NPAK – a collective exhibition at the National Museum, Yerevan.

Sandy Isenstadt’s book Electric Light. An Architectural History has been reviewed by Stefano Corbo in the Architect’s Newspaper.

Beyond Architecture and the City: Landscape as Paradigm is Stefano Corbo’s article for the Argentinian magazine PLOT.

IDEAT, a French magazine on Design, Art and Culture, has published some of Stefano’s drawings in its last issue (no.136).

Stefano Corbo’s review of the book Modernity and Durability. Perspectives for the Culture of Design by Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani has been published in the Architect’s Newspaper.

Stefano Corbo, in collaboration with INTAR and RISD Global, will be teaching an Adaptive Reuse Studio on Palazzetto Cenci, a 16th century building located in the historic core of Rome.

Stefano Corbo joins Desplans.
Founded in 2015, Desplans exhibits and represents a community of more than twenty young architects.

Air design, meteorological architecture, and atmospheric preservation: towards a theory of feeling is Stefano Corbo's new article for Architectural Research Quarterly, no. 22(3), published by Cambridge University Press.

Stefano Corbo launches the release of Volume 09 of the Int|AR Journal with a lecture at RISD on the idea of Intervention as Act .

Russian Magazine BERLOGOS features Stefano Corbo’s work.

Chinese Platform Gooood publishes Stefano Corbo’s project Dissonant Unity.

Archdaily publishes Dissonant Unity.

Brick, Brick! What do you want to be?, a new book  by DAMDI, features an interview with Stefano Corbo.

Architectural Lithuanian magazine STRUCTUM has published a conversation with Stefano Corbo in its last issue.

Stefano Corbo’s recent work is featured in Architectural Materials 1,2,3, a book by DAMDI.

Faraway, So Close is Stefano’s new article for Int|AR Journal Volume 09 – Intervention as Act.

Stefano Corbo joins Everybody’s House. Rosa Parks House Project Symposium at the WaterFire Arts Center, Providence.

2018.05.15Stefano Corbo’s project The Gentle Giant is featured in the Italian magazine Paysage Topscape.

Middle East Magazine Landscape publishes The Gentle Giant.

Stefano Corbo’s recent projects are part of DAMDI new book Architectural Elements.

Domus Magazine selects Stefano Corbo’s project The Gentle Giant in his section “Domus loves”.

Archdaily publishes The Gentle Giant.

Stefano Corbo’s work is featured in the book Advanced Architecture 1,2,3, by DAMDI Publishing House.

Stefano Corbo is appointed Assistant Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

Stefano Corbo’s article Difference and Repetition is featured in MARK’s last issue.

Stefano completes his Ph.D in Advanced Architectural Design at UPM ETSAM Madrid.

Stefano Corbo is invited to teach an architecture workshop at the Nanjing University, School of Architecture and Urban Planning.

DIVISARE selects Stefano Corbo as one of the best young Italian architects.