Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Bureau Architectenregister / Dutch Register of Architects
Registration number: 1.221110.004

SCSTUDIO / Stefano Corbo Studio is a multidisciplinary network practicing public architecture, preoccupied with intellectual, economic and cultural contexts.

SCSTUDIO intends architecture as a collective form of knowledge which involves different actors and is produced in a wide variety of formats. In combining speculative research and professional practice, the office focuses on the comprehension of spatial and aesthetic conditions that characterize the late-capitalist architectural production and that manifest in a diverse constellation of types, typologies, and hyperobjects.

Stefano Corbo (1981) is an Italian architect and educator at TU Delft – Group of Public Building –, where he also serves as MSc. Coordinator. Stefano holds a Ph.D and an M.Arch. II in Advanced Architectural Design from UPM ETSAM Madrid (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura). Before joining TU Delft, he has taught at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and at other academic institutions in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Stefano has written four books:
- EXTERIORLESS. Form, Space, and Urbanities of Neoliberalism (2023, Routledge)
- Notes from the Underworld. An Architectural Exploration (2019, Schiffer)
- Interior Landscapes: A Visual Atlas (2016, Images)
- From Formalism to Weak Form. The Architecture and Philosophy of Peter Eisenman (2014, Ashgate-Routledge)

He has contributed to several journals (Domus, OASE, MARK, ArchDaily, Le Visituer, Drawing Matter, arq: Architectural Research Quarterly, PLOT, CLOG, etc.), and his projects have been widely published.

Partners / Collaborators
Ilaria Bernardi, Ermanno Cirillo, Antonio Cobo, Chen Dong, Javier de Esteban, Li Jieran, Qianyu Liu, Eugenio Pandolfini, P+P Architetti Associati, Marta Ponsati Romero.