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SCSTUDIO / Stefano Corbo Studio is a multidisciplinary network practicing public architecture, preoccupied with intellectual, economic and cultural contexts.

Stefano Corbo (1981) is an Italian architect, and Associate Professor at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). He holds a Ph.D and an M.Arch. II in Advanced Architectural Design from UPM ETSAM Madrid (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura).
Stefano has taught at several academic Institutions: Nanjing University; LAU Beirut (Lebanese American University); The Faculty of Architecture in Alghero, Italy; ETSAM Madrid; and has been a guest lecturer at Städelschule (SAC) Frankfurt, Deakin University in Melbourne, ESALA Edinburgh, and The University of Miami. 

Stefano has written three books:
- From Formalism to Weak Form. The Architecture and Philosophy of Peter Eisenman (2014, Ashgate-Routledge)
- Interior Landscapes: A Visual Atlas (2016, Images Publishing)
- Notes from the Underworld. An Architectural Exploration (2019, Schiffer Publishing)

He has contributed to several journals (OASE, Domus, arq: Architectural Research Quarterly, MARK, ArchDaily, Int|AR, PLOT, Circo, CLOG, etc.), and his projects have been widely published.


• 2019
Reviving NPA, National Museum - Armenian Institute of Architecture, Yerevan (Armenia)

• 2014
RobWyn-Hood: Graffiti in the Dark Age of Gentrification, Kavachnina Contemporary, Miami (USA)

• 2014
Haynie's Corner Competition, Urban Design Center, Art District, Evansville (USA)

• 2013
Project Heracles, Exhibition, European Parliament, Brussels (Belgium)

• 2013
Calitri Supernova, Casa dell'ECA, Calitri (Italy)

• 2013
TV Tower International Competition, Cosmos Theatre, Ekaterinburg (Russia)

• 2011
Island in a city: connection or isolation?, National Centre for Contemporary Art, Nizhny Novgorod (Russia)

• 2011
Rural City: a project for a new alliance town-countryside, SAIE 2011, Bologna (Italy)

• 2011
Project Heracles: 200 Postcards from the Eurafrican Border, Gopher Hole, London (United Kingdom)

• 2009
Building for Bouwkunde, NAi (Netherlands Architecture Institute), Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

• 2006
Concorso internazionale di progettazione per la riqualificazione del Mausoleo di Augusto e di Piazza Augusto Imperatore, Rome, Museo dellʼAra Pacis (Italy)


• 2018
Relational Aesthethics: On Cloning and Duplication, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence, (USA)

• 2017
From Formalism to Weak Form, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Nanjing University (China)

• 2016
Archaeology of Infrastructures,
Städelschule Architecture Class (SAC), Frankfurt (Germany)

• 2016
Archaeology of Infrastructures, 
Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA), Edinburgh (Scotland)

• 2015
Archaeology of Infrastructures, 
Deakin University, School of Architecture, Melbourne (Australia)

• 2013
One year, University of Miami, Rome Program, Prof. Carmen Guerrero

• 2012
Del Formalismo a la Forma Débil,
Laboratorio de Paisaje, MPAA ETSAM Madrid, Prof. Darío Gazapo