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Balancing Pavilion
• International competition
• Vyksa | Russia
• Design: April 2013
• Size: 35 m²
2nd Prize
• Publications: METALOCUS, Accesit

Balancing Pavilion is a temporary structure ideated for the Vyksa Summer Festival, in Russia. Conceived as a translucent permeable box placed in the middle of a forest, the project is an attempt to question the role played by perception in architecture.
A conventional steel frame structure is covered by hundreds of polycarbonate tubes, each with different diameter and length (0.10 to 0.50 m diameter, and 0.20 to 1.000m length). Their assemblage produces very dynamic and unstable facades. From the outside, the Pavilion looks like an ephemeral object, floating over the ground. Inside, the interplay between daylight and shadow generates a suffused atmosphere, and boundaries between interior and exterior get blurred.