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Dissonant Unity
• TROJSKÁ School International Competition
• Prague | Czech Republic
• Design: September 2018
• Size: 7000 m²
• Publications: Archdaily, Gooood

Dissonant Unity is a design proposal aiming to transform Trojska Skola in an autonomous micro-city: a dense complex where grammar school, primary school, sport center, auditorium and a large cafeteria all coexist in the same plot.
Dissonant Unity proposes to re-connect the existing buildings according to a new circulation pattern, and to add two new fragments to the overall image of the school. Each of these fragments – grammar school, primary school, HALL 1, cafeteria – has its own entrance and autonomous lay-out. Two entrances are connected by a public promenade that allows communication and movement within the school complex. Rather than introducing iconic shapes or complex formal configurations, the new buildings adapt to the morphological and typological condition of the plot and of its constructions. Their aim is to achieve a critical unity: a heterogeneous ensemble where old and new can coexist.