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L'Architettura è la Città
• Piazzale degli Alpini international competition
• Bergamo | Italy
• Design: August 2016
• Size: 7600 m²
• Publications: The Describer, Beta Architecture, iArch, Architettura Italiana

L’Architettura è la Città is an urban palimpsest aimed to turn Alpini Square into a complex ecosystem, where nature, architecture and city can fuse into each other and produce a constellation of multiple micro spaces.Conceived as an extended and modular roofscape, the project is based on the interaction among different agents: the existing vegetation is preserved and integrated into the design of the new square. A new program of activities is inserted: market, areas for concerts and events, bar, restaurant, info-centre, multimedia point. The canopy’s apparent spatial continuity is counterbalanced by the functional fragmentation of the project: each micro-space has its own specificity.