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Cittadella Bridge
• Nuova passerella ciclo-pedonale Competition
• Cittadella | Italy
• Team: Ermanno Cirillo, P+P Architetti Associati
• Design: March 2012
• Size: 800 m²

The competition brief aimed to design a bridge capable to separate the vehicular traffic from the pedestrian flows and, at the same time, to connect two different areas of the city of Cittadella, in Italy. All the conceptual, structural and compositive efforts produced during the design phase were addressed to conceive the bridge of as a collective hybrid infrastructure: a place where people, nature and architecture could merge into a unique condition. The bridge, in fact, is not only a link between two different contexts; on the contrary it acts as a panoramic point, a place for aggregation. Once you reach and enter the bridge, you can establish a visual direct connection with the historic centre of Cittadella. Furthermore, the bridge works as a neutral structure that can be colonized not only by people, but also by vegetation. Over time it will be gradually covered by nature. It won’t look anymore as a bridge but as a habited pergola.