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Stone City
• International competition
• Bolgare | Italy
• Design: April 2017
• Size: 655 m²
• Publications: Architettura Italiana

This proposal for Stone City Headquarters is based on three different scales of intervention: a renovated system of accessibility, a public area equipped with playgrounds and exhibition spaces, and a multifunctional building. The 3-level building consists of a “promenade architecturale” that takes the visitor from the street level up to the rooftop according to a linear and continuous sequence of spaces: lobby, café, museum and exhibition areas, office and co-working.
A permeable urban axis connects the exterior areas of the site with the interior of the building: its ground floor appears therefore as lacerated by a public strip that breaks up the apparent isolation of the new Headquarters from its context. At the same time, irony is one of the project’s main interpretative keys: in its exterior configuration, the building recalls the irregular and asymmetric shape of a rough stone, whose fragments arise from a common glazed basement.