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La Logica è riduzionista
• National competition
• Piacenza | Italy
• Team: Ermanno Cirillo, Antonio Cobo, Stefano Corbo, Javier de Esteban
• Design: March 2010

La Logica è riduzionista is a proposal for a panoramic tower in Piacenza, Italy. The project attempts to establish a parasitic dialogue with an adjacent existing bridge, by altering its aspect in one specific point, and by introducing new perceptive and physical relations. The spatial continuity of the bridge is radically deformed: the panoramic tower, a white steel skeleton with no secondary elements or cladding systems, phagocytizes it, wraps it and modifies its layout. Architecture is reduced to its own structure. A continuous ramp allows visitors to reach the highest panoramic platform of the tower from the bridge, through a pleasant and progressive discovery of the site.