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Il Tappeto di Pietra
• Vidigulfo's Public Space
• Vidigulfo | Italy
• Design: February 2016
• Size: 4km²
• Publications: Domus, The Describer, Architettura Italiana

Il Tappeto di Pietra attempts to rethink Vidigulfo’s historic centre by operating according to a process of continuity and critical unity with the morphological context.Its design strategy is based on the sequence of the following points:
1. Re-connection: the two main constructions of the city –the Castle and the Church– are linked through a pedestrian axis: a real place for aggregation and socialization.
2. Public space: the irregular space facing the Church will be transformed into a “piazza”, a centripetal area that unifies and integrates all the existing elements.
3. The stone carpet: in order to re-activate a physical and conceptual continuity with the context, a homogeneous layer will re-compose all the Vidigulfo’s dispersed fragments and, at the same time, will build the premises for a controlled future development of the city.