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3 Squares
• Tre Piazze Competition
• Cesena | Italy
• Team: P+P Architetti Associati
• Design: January 2012
• Size: 4640 m²

The project for the urban regeneration of three squares –Piazza Bufalini, Almerici and Fabbri– aimed to reconnect dispersed fragment according to a single and homogeneous spatial system, capable to allow the dialogue between the historic fabric of the city, its most significant architectural expressions (such as the Library or the so-called Palazzo del Capitano), and the current needs of public space.
In envisioning the entire historic centre of Cesena as a continuous surface, the proposal included the creation of flexible structures for specific temporary events (market, concerts, etc.); the transformation of the site into a pedestrian area; and the introduction of green areas to balance the relationship between natural and artificial materials.