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Archaeology of the Future
• Plovdiv Central Square Competition
• Plovdiv | Bulgaria
• Design: June 2014
• Size: 2000 m²

Archaeology of the Future is a proposal aimed to turn Plovdiv Central Square into the main hub of the Underground Museum of Philippopolis, which will connect all the main monuments of the city through an integrated system. The project consists of the superposition of three different layers:
1. The archaeological layer: in some areas of the square a “trace” or memory of the Roman Forum will emerge from the lower level and will recall the integrity of the entire plan.
2. The contemporary layer, contradistinguished by important architectural elements, such as the Military Club, the Trimontium Hotel, the Post Office, and the former Communist Party House.
3. The layer of the Future, in which new functions are installed: an info-centre, exhibition areas, a city market, and an underground parking.