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The Charged Void
• Reviving NPAK Competition
• Yerevan | Armenia
• Design: June 2019
• Size: 4000 m²
• Publications: Divisare, e-architect, Gooood, Middle East Architect 

The Charged Void is a project of adaptive reuse informed by three main keywords: preservation, growth and geometric manipulation.
In order to accommodate a complex program, the old building – currently housing the Armenian Center for Contemporary Arts – is preserved and integrated with two new levels. At the same time, The Charged Void embeds a certain amount of space for unexpected, spontaneous and unpredictable uses. The project, in fact, is based on the sequence of fixed areas – auditorium, café, restaurant, administration, etc. – and unstable, flexible areas, which correspond to four distinct interior voids distributed all over the building. The end result is a spatial promenade characterized by inner patios, courtyards and terraces, whose climax is the so-called belvedere – a panoramic platform that allows for a spectacular view of Yerevan. On the two main facades, a new skin is applied. This metal envelope is not the result of arbitrary decisions, but is a reference to the Armenian traditional ornamentation. In manipulating, abstracting, transforming historical motifs, a unique pattern is generated and applied to the building.