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Hidden Treasures
• Mapo Oil Reserve Base Competition
• Seoul | South Korea
• Design: September 2013
Honorable Mention
• Size: 10 ha
• Publications: Archinect, Bustler, iArch

Hidden Treasures is a proposal for the regeneration of the Mapo Oil Reserve Base. The project pursues a double challenge: on the one hand, it aims to connect the competition plot with the surrounding area, according to a visual and perceptive continuity. On the other hand, it will install a new program of activities based on the re-use of the existing oil tanks. Mimesis is the project’s main interpretative criterion: by adapting to the current condition of these oil tanks (completely wrapped and covered by vegetation), this proposal is composed of invisible elements, hidden by nature or partially sunken.
New artificial hills will characterize the project. Visitors will be guided through the park thanks to the use of white circular ramps, which also work as distributive elements for the architectural program: exhibition halls, museum areas, multimedia centre, info-point, auditorium, etc.