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The Gentle Giant
• NaTian Cup International Design Competition
• Suqian | China
• Design: July 2017
• Size: 800 m²
• Publications: Domus, Archdaily, Architettura Italiana

A proposal for an Observation Tower in Suqian, China, The Gentle Giant acts as a continuation of the existing bridge providing a unique path for the public, as well as a visual link to the surrounding Flower Farm area.
The proposed landmark combines the vertical presence of Chinese "Pagodas and Porcelain Towers" with the dynamic geometry of the Great Wall, whose powerful arrangement has a direct relationship to its changing topography.
The tower is made up of two overlapping paths. One path provides visitors with a complete journey around the panoramic view from the tower. The second is a more direct connection to the ground, allowing for a quicker visit to the building. As visitors travel up and down the paths, the perception of the skeleton-like structure changes depending on the interaction of the users. Vegetation incorporated into the structure will also continue to grow, thus continuing to change the user experience.