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Interior Landscapes
• Regional Centre for Educational Quality and Excellence
• Jubail | Saudi Arabia
• Design: November 2013
• Size: 5220 m²

This proposal for a Research and Education Centre is conceived of as the superposition of two different and complementary layers: the ground floor, which works as an open plaza-foyer where employees and also visitors can find several collective functions (auditorium, exhibition hall, library, etc.); and the first level, where most of the offices and the administration areas are condensed.
The structural conception of the building is based on the repetition and variation of a basic archetype –the arch–, whose assembled pattern also generates the overall image of the project. While the ground floor is permeable and transparent, to invite visitors to take a look inside, the office level is based on opaque surfaces, and small patios in order to get daylight during the day. By adopting traditional and vernacular solution, it’s possible to avoid large areas of glass. The ground floor also acts as a bioclimatic tool to control temperature, humidity, and illumination. Its semi-permeable structure allows working as a filter space between the interior of the offices and the exterior.